Accelerator ZBPD

Accelerator ZBPD

Chemical Name:   zinc O,O,O',O'-tetrabutyl bis(phosphorodithioate)

Molecular  Formula:  C16H36O4P2S4Zn

Molecular Structure: 

Molecular Weight:  548.00

CAS NO.:   6990-43-8






 Amber transparent liquid

 light white powder




 Sulfur content,%



 Zinc content,%






 Methanol insoluble,%






Properties:   Amber transparent liquid or light white powder.

Applications:   ZBPD is a fast curing secondary accelerator for EPDM NR.ZBPD is mainly used as accelerator in non-blooming,relative low cost,fast curing system for EPDM.ZBPD can be used as a component in non-N-nitrosamine generating cure systems for it's non-amine based structure.ZBPD is regulated for use in articles in contact with food as specified under BgVV XXI Category 4,And it not regulated for use in FDA food contact applications.

Package:   Powder,by Co-extruded paper bag lined with PE plastics film bag.Net weight 20kg;Liquid,by 200kg drum.

Storage:   The product should be stored in the dry cooling place with good ventilation,avoiding exposure of the packaged product to direct sunlight.Since the date of production,the storage period is 12 months.